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Based on the photos here

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25 places that look not normal but are actually real


Sorry, but i refuse to believe the first one is real.

since i’ve answered this a million times, i’ve actually bookmarked the website 

“the tinted orange background is produced by a soaring dune shined by the morning sun – a backdrop for the hulks of camel thorn trees in Namib-Naukluft Park”, also on national geographic 

Reality is a fucking madhouse.

I can understand how it might be difficult to believe the first one is real. I had to enlarge the picture to see it myself. I know I’ve seen some of the other pictures in Nat Geo, and trust me, this shit be cray.

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If feminism were truly about GENDER EQUALITY why the fuck is it called feminism and not gender equalism?
What I’ve seen so far is all about women wanting special privileges and none of the responsibilities that go along with it.

Let me explain something about equality, you ignorant little meatsack.
Let’s say we’ve got two people… Let’s call ‘em Adam and Eve. For breakfast, Adam gets two bunches of grapes and Eve only gets one. Except, Eve’s hungry, and it’s not fair that she doesn’t get as much food as Adam, so she asks for another bunch of grapes, so things can be fair. But Adam? Adam insists that if Eve gets one more bunch of grapes, he should get one more, because he says that’s equal.
Except now Adam’s still got one more bunch of grapes than Eve, and even though the were given an equal amount, the result wasn’t equal.
What women want is the equal result. Because, let’s face it, the situation with men and women right now is not equal. Gender equality is not about giving men more, gender equality is about bringing women to the place men are now. Responsibilities and all.
And yes, that means it might seem like they’re getting “special treatment”, because the problems that need to be solved for women are often things that men don’t have. Once the gap is filled, it’ll be about improving things for everyone, but first things have to be fair.
Satan bless.

bless the soul you don’t have, lucifer.





anyone who says “just internet friends” is a fucking douche okaymy internet friends have wiped my tears dozens more times than my “real life friends”

This is so goddamn relevant I couldn’t not reblog it before going to sleep

unfortunately, I don’t think the parental units will ever understand this.

when someone says that (‘just’ internet friends) i just want to fucking do something dramatic. they have no idea.

Once, my dad said that ‘internet friends’ are not real and I said to him that without these ‘unreal friends’ I would not be alive anymore. He hasn’t bothered me about it ever since.

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The time Oprah released bees to attack her audience 

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nailed it